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Naik Jadunath Singh PVC
Naik Jadunath Singh PVC
On 6th February 1948, Naik Jadunath Singh, 1 Rajput (now the 4 Guards), was commanding the forward picket - No.2 at Tain Dhar. On 0640 hours, the enemy attacked the post. Naik Singh and his small force of nine men devastated the enemy lines and soon they broke into retreat. The enemy attacked the post again. When all men, including himself, were wounded, he took over the Bren Gun from the Bren Gunner. Efficiently deploying his men, Naik Singh thwarted this attack too. By now all his men had become casualties. The enemy put in a last and final attack. Naik Singh, wounded and alone, charged towards the enemy firing his sten gun. The enemy again fled in disorder. At a most critical stage in the battle, he saved his picket from being overrun by the enemy. He met a gallant death when he was hit by two enemy bullets on the head and the chest....

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